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Steam Blowing Activity
MPS blowing steam line is an activity to clean the pipe line made of stainless steel or carbon steel. The pipeline will be used as a medium distribution of steam to turn turbines. Steam blowing should be taken to avoid damage to the turbine blades are caused by dirt or gram-gram of material that hit the pipe along the steam turbine. This is mostly done on the installation of new pipes on power plant projects, exploration of oil resources, geothermal energy or the refinery to process a power plant or other thermal processes.
Things to do before Steam Blowing is there should be a source of steam for blowing line. We could use a portable type fire tube boilers or also utilize geothermal resources of geothermal plants already built. There are many other alternatives that can be used in addition to some of the things that I mentioned earlier. If steam blowing we did in the refinery that has been built before, then we stay connected through tie-in that we design according to the needs of steam that will be used.
Stages  we have to do before blowing steam will be done by reviewing some aspects of quality, quantity and safety of humans and equipment, among others:

Pre checks and preparation items:

1. Line checks (all) of MP steam line
Things that should be considered and implemented during a line check are:

- All valves are in the line to be closed
- Marking blind instaled on the P & ID
   Matching with the P & ID, if the field does not exist, it can be marked on the P & ID
- Marking punch any item on the P & ID
  If the field is found unsuitable, such as plastic, it must be cleaned or not in accordance with the P & ID can be recorded.

2. Install and warming Barricade tape
3. Leak check by using water
4. Air Vent
5. Steam blowing

In the implementation of blowing steam, to measure the success level of cleanliness of line pipe used diblowing the target plate which is mounted on an end point in the blowing pipe. At the end point in pairs silincer to muffle the sound as well as a medium to discard the dirt that is in the pipeline. Target plate installed on the line between the block valve silincer silincer for operator safety in the placement of the target plate. Target Plate used is made of copper. For how to install the Target Plate can be seen in the following video tutorial:

Steps - steps taken during a Steam Blowing,
1. Warm up the steam line to be blowing to dispose of steam condensate trapped in the line. Unblock valve by-pass of the source MP Steam. After the steam out of the downstream line in blowing, then open the valve block from the source MP Steam, condensate perlahansehingga is really wasted.
2. Once dry steam, Do Flushing line during the specified time ± 120 minutes
3. After the Flushing line are met, put the target plate at a predetermined
4. Adjust the valve in accordance with the needs of the steam flow that will be used for steam blowing.
5. Perform steam blowing over a specified time, usually ± 30 minutes.
6. After the specified time is reached, do cooling down the line that diblowing by closing the valve on the source MP Steam slowly.
7. Take the target plate and do the analysis.
8. If you still have not met hygiene indicators, do steam blowing again from the first step.

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