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Part Main of Steam Turbine

Rotating turbine parts consisting of the shaft and the wheel which serves to move the activity generated by the blades of steam on the way to the dispenser shaft power directly or through a reduction gear transmission (gear box).

Figure 1 Rotor Turbine

Place the steam potential energy changes into kinetic energy as well as a steam expansion. When the rotor rotates at high speed, there is a centrifugal force that tried to break blades - the rotor blade from the holder.

Figure 2 Turbine Blade

Turbine house
Consists of the top and bottom, where there is a fixed nozzle and turbine blades. The function of nozzle is to convert the potential energy of the steam into kinetic energy.

Lubrication System
There are several functions of lubricants, which are:
a. As a film that serves to reduce friction between two objects rub against each other
b. As the cooling medium
c. As a media shock absorbers
d. As the media drive
Steam turbine lubrication system is very important, because the working turbine that spins so much friction, and high temperature turbine work. Here the film functions as a lubricant to reduce friction and as a cooling medium is needed.
The various ways of lubrication, including:
a. Batch, the objects immersed lubricated
b. Sprinkling (splash)
c. Intermittent
d. lubrication press
Part - the part of the lubrication system is:
a. The main lube pump (main oil pump)
b. Auxiliary lubrication pump (auxiliary oil pump)
c. Pump lubricant emergency (emergency oil pump)
d. Cooling lubricant (lube oil cooler)
e. Sieve lubricant (lube oil filter)
f. Tank (reservoir)

Speed steam turbines are generally tailored to the needs of the engine rotation speed driven on the specified load. Load change must be accompanied by changes in the ability of the turbine, this change is done by adjusting the amount of steam that goes to the governor as using speed sensor.

To prevent leakage of steam from the high pressure turbine stage to the atmosphere and to prevent the ingress of air into the low pressure turbine stage, then mounted seal. In general seals used are:
a. Carbon packing rings
b. The combination of the labyrinth seal and the ring carbon
c. The combination of the water seals and labyrinth seals
Trip and Throttle Valve
Valves control the flow rate of steam into the turbine to match the desired flow rate governor. This valve is driven by media pressure generated by lubricating oil or manually with a hand wheel that moves the valve spindle. When one of the tripping device works, then the flow of lubricating oil to the valve will cut off which causes the valve is closed by spring working against the pressure of the lubricant.

Figure 3 Trip and Throttle Valve

Tripping System
A tool that serves as a safety turbine in the event of disruption in order to avoid further damage.
Some of the tripping system on the turbine are:
a. Over speed
b. Axial displacement
c. Lube oil pressure low
d. Steam inlet temperature of low and high

e. Gland seal steam supply low and high temperatures

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