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This DC Power system is designed to supply DC electric power that is protected from abnormal occurrencess on the public electricity supply. A voltage dropper is a controlled voltage stabilizing device. It is used for maintaining the voltage at the load within a given range of typical +/- 10% of the nominal voltage, if the voltage range of the connected battery is larger than the voltage range of the connected load.

Figure 1. Block Diagram DC UPS

The equipment always consist of two independent systems with a common distribution board. Each half system consist of two major part.

Figure 2. Block Diagram Rectifier /chargers and the Batteries.

In order to observe the given output voltage range, the diodes are activated in flow direction, if the battery charge voltage is too high; or deactivated, if the battery discharge voltage is too low. This is controlled by means of maximally 4 diode stages.

Rectifier Charger

Converts the Primary AC supply to regulated DC voltage which charges the battery, powers the inverter and therefore the load. It operates in four  possible modes, float mode, AC supply fail mode, Charge mode, Boost mode.


This storage energy from the charger to be used during a power cut when it will discharge to power the load. The autonomy of the system during a mains fail depends on the amp-hour capacity of the installed battery. Since the 2 chargers/batteries are independent of each other, the mode of one is linked ia the distibution board to the other.

Figure 3. Normal Mode

If only one charger supply fails, the other charger will continue to feed the load. If both charger supplies fail, both charger are stopped and the batteries feed the load

Figure 4. Primary AC Supply Fail Mode

The charger stops and the battery powers the load. The DC voltage falls and the following alarms. When the primary AC suply returns the charger will start in float mode after a short AC supply failure or charge mode after a long AC supply failure.

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